Scott Individually Wrapped 1-Ply Bath Tissue



Enjoy a gentle clean with the Scott® 1100 Unscented Bath Tissue (1-ply, 36 Rolls). With 1000 sheets per roll, it provides an economical option for homes and businesses. Scott 1100 Toilet Paper helps you spend time on what matters most with fewer roll changes and more value. With Scott 1100 Toilet Paper, you get 36 regular rolls of 1,100 sheets, so you have plenty of toilet paper for you and your loved ones.

Is Scott 1100 Unscented Bath Tissue Septic Safe?

Scott 1100 toilet roll tissue is safe for use with most septic and sewage systems. It dissolves quickly, which makes it easier to flush. This tissue also helps reduce the risk of pipe clogs, even when you end up using slightly more than usual. Plus, each roll of Scott 1100 bathroom tissue helps you get the job done with 1,100 durable 1-layer sheets and lasts longer, dissolves faster* and breaks down 10x faster**. Scott 1100 1-ply toilet paper even dissolves quickly, so it’s kinder to your plumbing, sewer-safe and septic-safe.

Delivers a Gentle Clean

Pamper your skin. Scott toilet paper features a one-ply design that delivers just the right blend of softness, strength and absorbency. It’s also unscented for enhanced comfort.

Great Value

Stock up on premium toilet tissue. With 36 rolls, this bonus pack gives you enough to last a while, so you don’t have to worry about making frequent trips to the store. Even better, each roll is individually wrapped, which makes it easier to store. Use it at home, the office and more. Have it on hand in your linen closet or supply room.

Is Scott 1100 Unscented Bath Tissue Safe for Boats and RVs?

Scott toilet paper disintegrates faster than the average bathroom tissue, making it safe for boats and RVs. It passes standard water breakup tests and is made with recycled fiber.

More than Just Toilet Paper

Scott toilet paper is safe for use with other parts of the body. Use it to dry up damp hands, clean up sniffles or dry sweat. It can even be used for wiping light spills. It provides a convenient alternative to paper napkins and works as a makeshift stuffer for cushioning fragile items.

We’ve been trusted for generations: Scott bathroom tissue is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests. Keep life rolling by ordering Scott 1100 in bulk online!

*vs the leading brand mega roll

**vs the leading brand one ply

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Why we love this

“This Scott tissue is a very good buy because it is strong and it has lots of sheets.”


  • 1,100 sheets of septic-safe paper per roll
  • Dissolves 4x faster than the leading brand
  • Unscented, extra-soft toilet tissue
  • 36 regular rolls of Scott 1100 Toilet Paper—packaging may vary
  • Sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Features recyclable packaging


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